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halloween costume

Quick, Easy (& Last Minute Approved) Halloween Costumes

Here are a few costume ideas, modeled by Rochester Mom kids, that you can create in under an hour, using items from around the house.
teal pumpkin

The Teal Pumpkin Project: A Happier Halloween For All

As I admire how people strategically place their straw bales, corn stalks, spooky Halloween decor, and pumpkins on their porch, I also look to see how many houses place teal pumpkins out front.
Jenna Whiting

Meet the Contributor: Jenna Whiting

Hi there! I’m Jenna. I was born and raised right here in Rochester.  My hubby, Shane, and I have been married for 10 years.
halloween pumpkin mask

Celebrating Halloween Safely

Even with the uncertainty surrounding this year’s festivities, you can still seek out the magic and fun. Here are a few ways to celebrate Halloween safely.
halloween pumpkin & witch

I Witch You a Happy Halloween

I love Halloween. It is the best holiday, ghoul hands down! I start decorating as soon as the State Fair ends, and put my Halloween playlists in rotation.

5 Tricks to Prevent Treats from Becoming Cavities This Halloween

I want to make sure my children’s (and my patients’) teeth stay healthy, but I don’t want my kids to miss out on the fun…and I don’t think they have to.
halloween books and pumpkins

Trick or Treat and READ- Halloween Books Tradition

On October 1, the kids came downstairs to find our table FULL of Halloween books! Our mantle had pumpkins and a spooky banner hung!
DIY Halloween costume

Sweet and Spooky DIY Halloween Costumes (all under $20.00)

Here is a list of simple, DIY  costume projects that are not only frighteningly adorable, but also under $20.00!

Halloween *IS* Frightening

I understand how difficult it is to fight for your child to be "normal". Keep communicating, keep advocating, and keep empowering your kids. That is the only way that change will happen.
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The Halloween Costume Hustle

But I love Halloween, and I will continue to play this game with myself every year until my child is old enough to refuse to participate in my craziness.