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trying for baby: family with one child

We’re Trying for Baby #2…and It’s Not Working

Spoiler alert: one thing that you can’t control is getting pregnant. We realized this pretty quickly when it didn’t happen as easily as we thought it would. We’ve had no luck, but we're still trying.

Infertility in the Med City

For over 5 years, all I dreamed about was the announcement we could make to friends and family that we'd be expecting. I wanted,...

Endometriosis Awareness: Q & A with Abby’s Physician, Dr. Zaraq Khan

bby's physician, Dr. Zaraq Khan, answers common questions about endometriosis, diagnosis, treatment, and gives recommendations for advocacy.

Abby’s Story, Part 3: Endometriosis Advocacy

Endometriosis is an incredibly common condition (at minimum, 10% of women have it), yet the ER doctors that I saw over the years didn’t know what it was. We have to use our voices and speak up.

Abby’s Story, Part 2: Infertility and Hope

Before starting In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), the team ran my bloodwork and found that my egg reserve was very low, and that the endometriosis was growing back.

Running From the Unknown: Life As a Struggling Baby Maker

I like to see the best in situations, but infertility tested me to the core and I changed into a completely different person. I hated people…mostly pregnant people.

Wait, So How Does Surrogacy Work? (Part 2 of a 3 Part...

While the process of surrogacy is relatively the same across the board, the relationships that are created in situations like this vary considerably.
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Give It Six Months: A Story of Post-Adoption Depression

Post-Adoption blues or depression is just as real as postpartum depression.  Do not hesitate to seek a professional counselor or therapist.  
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How Can You Give Away Your Baby? and Other Misconceptions About...

I am doing my best to help a mother get her baby. Her baby. Here are some misconceptions about surrogacy that I've encountered.