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Increase Your Car Sanity: My Family’s Favorite Podcasts

As part of my trip preparation, I downloaded a variety of podcasts and audiobooks for us to listen to as a family. These podcasts helped us pass the time in companionable listening, and we often paused for discussion (or debate). Here are our favorite family podcasts.

Son, You’re My Greatest Accomplishment

Now that he's old enough to understand what social media is and who sees it, he's definitely not thrilled with most of the things that I have shared because I thought they were cute at the time.

My Life’s Purpose (It’s Beyond Motherhood)

The truth is, purpose is not found in a career or even a title. While many of us do have fulfilling, even honorable careers, purpose is found beyond that.

This Mom’s Picks: Graphic Novels for Kids

Rather than trying to figure out the “true” definition of a graphic novel, just know this format is yet another opportunity for reading.

Learning to Live Beyond Survival Mode

Feel like every day is a struggle just to keep up? Sara shows us how she modifies obligations and her own expectations to bring back the joy of daily life.

Seasons of Silvia – Life with an Exchange Student

When our average Midwestern family decided to host an exchange student we didn't realize how much our lives would change!

Words Matter: How To Teach Your Kids To Use Their Words...

Words matter. Living in the age of online anonymity, it's easy to spew words across a screen. Here are five ways to teach our kids that our words do matter.

#MomFail (with Illustrations)

My husband turned 30 in 2007, and I had the genius idea of surprising him with a trip to England for a present. We...
"Are You Done Yet?" | Rochester MN Moms Blog

“Are You Done Yet?”

We'd had a chatty conversation, and then it happened.  Her words dripped into the comfortable silence, as we both fingered our coffee mugs. "So....after this...

Winning The Eczema Battle

{We’ve partnered with Pharmaceutical Specialties to provide you with a review of their product line, Vanicream. Rochester MN Moms Blog partners with brands and organizations...