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To The Woman At The Orchard: Thank You

Thank you for reminding me, woman at the orchard, that community doesn't disappear just because we're in a pandemic.

The Lollipop: A Potty-Training Tale

She bends down so she is at my son’s level and says, “I heard you went potty! Good job, buddy!” She then hands him this a huge lollipop and his eyes light up.

Never The Same: A Letter To My Sister Before The...

Your life is about to change with this first baby. You are about to change even more. Little sister, you will never be the same person you once were.

To the Mom at Target Who Made Me Cry: We Need...

I was 38 weeks pregnant and doing most daily tasks at that point were a struggle as I felt like an exhausted beached whale with every move I made.

Not-So-Random Acts of Kindness in Three Simple Steps

We need intentionality now more than ever. Not only that, we need kindness more than ever. Look around you. Who can you honor with acts of kindness?

Stone Soup: An Introverted Mama’s Manifesto

I was snuggled up my kids, reading them the French tale "Stone Soup," when I realized the story was perfectly depicting my life as an introverted mama.

The Gift I Never Expected

A few years ago a gift card to a local coffee shop became one of the most thoughtful and meaningful Christmas gifts I’ve ever received.

Words Matter: How To Teach Your Kids To Use Their Words...

Words matter. Living in the age of online anonymity, it's easy to spew words across a screen. Here are five ways to teach our kids that our words do matter.

To My Fellow Soccer Mom: You Rock.

Dear soccer mom, you've reaffirmed my belief in kindness from strangers. You may not realize, but you made a such an impact on my life that day.

Anytime Resolutions

Each year we are told that January 1st is a magic day of renewal, our chance to "finally" get everything right. We buy cute...