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Let’s Talk About Inflation

Anyone else feeling the pinch of inflation? Or maybe more like the wallop-upside-the-head of inflation?
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Talking Dollars and Sense to My Son

How do you start instilling sound financial values into a child at an early age? How do you teach them about spending, when the use of physical money is rapidly decreasing?
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4 Tips (You Haven’t Read Yet) for a Happy Holiday Season

While it’s true that the holidays will be different this year, you and your family can still enjoy the holidays. All it takes is some planning, a little innovation, and a good Internet connection. 
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How We Made Peace With Our Finances

We are not experts, but we've learned a lot over the past several years and have stepped into a gracious place of peace with our finances.  
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Save, Spend, Give: Our Experience With Allowance For Kids

My husband and I decided that at our house, allowance would be used as a tool for understanding money. We started young, when the kids were four and five.

Why We Gave Our Teenagers Debit Cards And A Salary

Giving our teenagers the opportunity to make mistakes financially now will help to teach them the principles of financial responsibility.