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Meet the Contributor: Lee Frazier

I’m Lee and I’m delighted to share a little about myself. I am relatively new to Rochester. My son and I joined the community 26 months ago.

Give 5: Minnesota Musicians to Diversify your Music

This month, we’ve put together a list of BIPOC Minnesotan musicians. This list is in no way comprehensive, but just a starting point.

9 (no food) Date Ideas In the Rochester MN Area

My husband and I don't go on many dates. However, when we do, we try to find unique activities that aren't the typical "dinner and a movie".

2020: What We Learned

2020 has been hard. But, I have learned so much about myself this year - and about the world. Here's what we can take with us after 2020 is over.

Vinyl: Music Appreciation With a Spin

Much to my surprise, vinyl has made a comeback in our house. It has introduced our preschooler to a whole new language and increased his level of fine motor skills as we've spent more time at home this year.

Dancing to Our Own Beat

The music our children have grown up on isn’t always “school appropriate,” so to speak. We’ve had really important conversations about how artists write lyrics as a form of personal expression and art.
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Mama Ain’t Happy? 5 Easy Things I do to Change My...

Have you ever, as the saying goes, woke up on the wrong side of the bed? You feel grumpy or irritated but nothing in particular caused your bad mood.

When Motherhood Isn’t Your First Calling: My Life as a Musician...

A calling is more than mere responsibility. A calling engages mind, body, and spirit on behalf of and for the betterment of someone else.

Ask a Piano Teacher: A Parent’s Guide to Piano Lessons

Where do you start when it comes to piano lessons? How do you find a teacher? How much does it cost? A piano teacher gives honest answers to your questions.