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Our Mini Thru-Hike Adventure on the Douglas Trail

Our idea for a mini Thru-Hike on the Douglas Trail from Pine Island to Rochester was born. Nature is my go-to for helping them experience life.

Spring Nature Scavenger Hunt

I don't know about you, but it feels like in the first few days of spring, our entire household breathes a huge sigh of...

An ‘Ode to Strawberries-Musings of a Simpler Time

Strawberry shortcakes and strawberry jam.  Strawberry slush made with brandy for the grown-ups.  The possibilities were endless!

Sticks and Stones: Building a Natural Playscape for Your Backyard

While a traditional swingset is fun, adding playscape elements will bring your child’s imagination to life and put them in touch with nature in a new way.

Rochester MN Moms Guide to the Month of May

Welcome to May! It's time for all those soggy April days to pay off and for May to show us some color! Here's our guide to the month of May in Rochester.

Building Shared Experiences: You won’t Egret it

Robin in the rain you're such a saucy fellow Robin in the rain mind your socks of yellow -Raffi In Minnesota, spotting the rotund orange-yellow bellies of the Robin...

Birdwatching with Kids: Tips, Trips, and Resources

I’ve learned that birdwatching is really just quiet observation. I’m simply teaching my children to notice the world around them.

We’re Here for the Badges!

The Junior Ranger program taught me that there's a slippery slope between exposing kids to the joys of nature and turning it into the drudgery of homework.

Camping with toddlers and babies: Yes or No?

I did not grow up camping. My family always stayed at hotels or family's and friend's homes when we were on vacation. My first...

When Being Outdoors With Your Kids Loses Its Luster

When our first child came home, I reveled in the idea of being an earth-mama.  Cloth diapering, eco-friendly, organic food...the works.  I let my...