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Field Trip Friday: Nerstrand Big Woods

  It was a rainy week, and I knew my kids were antsy because they hadn't been outside all week.  With my kids, I can...

5 Family Fun Hikes in Rochester MN

Enjoy these 5 family fun hikes in the Rochester MN area!

4 Poisonous Plants Every Mom Should Know

Are you confident in your ability to identify which plants are poisonous plants? Keep your kids safe by learning these four plants.
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Fathers, Teach Your Daughters – Lessons from the Boundary Waters

My dad interjected, "No, she's buff.  She can carry that."  I beamed at his declaration. Fathers, teach your daughters they are capable and strong.

Get Outside with the MN DNR: “I Can” Camp… and You...

The Minnesota DNR “I Can" program is the perfect opportunity to expose your kids to camping without making a huge financial investment.

Grown with Love: Bringing Back the Family Victory Garden

It's time for a victory garden! As a family, we've harvested good food and valuable life lessons from our vegetable garden.

Raising Children In A Home That’s Not Your Own

Raising kids in a home that's not even remotely close to your childhood home has its unique challenges and some advantages.

Birdwatching with Kids: Tips, Trips, and Resources

I’ve learned that birdwatching is really just quiet observation. I’m simply teaching my children to notice the world around them.

We’re Here for the Badges!

The Junior Ranger program taught me that there's a slippery slope between exposing kids to the joys of nature and turning it into the drudgery of homework.

Camping with toddlers and babies: Yes or No?

I did not grow up camping. My family always stayed at hotels or family's and friend's homes when we were on vacation. My first...