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5 Family Fun Hikes in Rochester MN

Enjoy these 5 family fun hikes in the Rochester MN area!
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The Simplicity of Taking a Walk

Try going for a walk outside. Sometimes the most simple thing like a walk outside can be the most beneficial for your mood and energy. 

Rochester MN Guide to Public Murals

My wish to visit and enjoy art and our desire to be outside got my creative juices flowing. I decided to take the kids on a mural treasure hunt.
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Thank Goodness For Rain: A Potty Training Story

My son was still in a diaper and I was in a heap of frustrated tears. He refused to even look at the potty let alone sit on it.

Sticks and Stones: Building a Natural Playscape for Your Backyard

While a traditional swingset is fun, adding playscape elements will bring your child’s imagination to life and put them in touch with nature in a new way.