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A Charcuterie Board for the Holidays (or a plain old Tuesday)...

A charcuterie board can be a great way to celebrate a special holiday or just a plain old Tuesday. Here are my favorite things to make this fun and fancy meal!

What’s Up at the Co-op? | Holiday Edition

This holiday season, People's Food Co-op has all of your meal needs covered! Pick up fresh, local ingredients and follow their recipe blog to make your own dishes, or pre-order your entire meal!

What’s Up at the Co-op? | Fall Edition

The seasons are certainly transitioning and we're getting into our new (different!) fall routines. Read about all the great happenings this fall at People's Food Co-op.

What’s Up at the Co-op? | Summer Edition

While our summer might be slowing down, things are picking up at People's Food Co-op! Check out all of the specials and promotions headed your way this summer!

How to Live the Bulk Bin Life

Becky started by explaining the layout, the process, the scale, and everything I could ever think to ask when it came to buying bulk bin products.

Keep the Pennies in Your Pocket: Saving Time and Money on...

People’s Food Co-op has great prices and deals everyday. We’d like to share with you some of the best ways we've found to maximize your savings while you shop the best, freshest, local and natural food in the city. Everybody wants to save on groceries!

Moms Who Coffee Break

Looking for a little break with friends? Join us for Moms Who Coffee Break with Winona State University - Rochester and People's Food Co-op! Enjoy a FREE small coffee with us!

Who Grows Your Food?

For People’s Food Co-op, “local food" means that the food has been grown within 200 miles of the co-op . They have worked with local producers and farmers for years --in some cases decades -- building trust!

Not Just a Grocery Store: The People’s Food Co-op

People’s Food Co-op is a longtime community fixture with an easy-to-access downtown location that offers everyone a fun, convivial shopping experience.

It’s National Coffee Day! 11 Rochester MN Coffee Spots

It's National Coffee Day! So basically a mama's holiday...an ode to us and the places that understand us best. To celebrate, check out one of these local places and celebrate!