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The Lollipop: A Potty-Training Tale

She bends down so she is at my son’s level and says, “I heard you went potty! Good job, buddy!” She then hands him this a huge lollipop and his eyes light up.

Potty-Training Woes: A Word of Encouragement

So really, this note is more of a reminder that the potty struggles you are experiencing is completely normal. Hang in there, you'll find the flow.

Goodbye Diapers, Hello Potty:  What I Saw in 5 Days

While I was a clueless first-time potty trainer (and had some anxiety over that), my son was telling me that he’s capable of listening to his body. 

Potty Training Will Break You: Here’s How to Know If You’re...

When you’re ready for all your life’s prior accomplishments and successes to be diminished down to nothing. Potty training doesn’t care who you are.
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Thank Goodness For Rain: A Potty Training Story

My son was still in a diaper and I was in a heap of frustrated tears. He refused to even look at the potty let alone sit on it.

Potty Training Sucks. That About Covers It.

WARNING: this post is going to be 95% venting.  If potty training was a breeze for you, feel free to stop now. 
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Mom Confessions: It Took Me A Year To Potty Train My...

You might be one of those parents who did it in no time, and I must say, you impress me. I have a major mom confession to make; it has taken me one year to completely potty train my daughter.

I Don’t Wanna! (What I Want To Do vs. What I...

I've been doing this mom-thing for over 5 years now, and one thing has become loud and clear: Motherhood doesn't give a crap about what I...