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Grown with Love: Bringing Back the Family Victory Garden

It's time for a victory garden! As a family, we've harvested good food and valuable life lessons from our vegetable garden.
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How I Give My Children An Unfettered Childhood

Like any parent, I want the best for my kids. For me, that means giving them the best part of my own unfettered childhood.
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Don’t Forget the Bug Soother!

Most weekends we load up and head over to Wisconsin. I always keep Bug Soother on my packing list. It is quite literally a breath of fresh air.
relax...It's Summer | Rochester MN Moms Blog

Relax…It’s Summer!

I love lists and organization, being prompt and productive and a bit predictable. But sometimes we slow down and realize...it's summer!
The Summer Unicorn | Rochester MN Moms Blog

The Summer Unicorn

Every year I look for the glorious, beautiful, not-quite-reachable unicorn that I can't stop thinking about! Summer is magical. I can't wait to have all three of my kiddos at home, all day, every day, to spend time together.
My Kids Use the "B" Word (Bored) | Rochester MN Moms Blog

How I Get My Kids to Use the “B” Word

I believe strongly that kids need to be bored. Bored out of their cute little minds, because right after they realize you are not going to fix it for them, the most amazing things can happen.
Take This Calendar And Shove It! | Rochester MN Moms Blog

Take this Calendar and Shove It!

Every year before summer begins, I have great expectations of an awesome, fun-filled summer--BUT not too filled, you see, because I need some blank...

On Mosquitos, Summer and Life

Sometimes mosquitos can provide valuable life lessons, including changing this mom's perspective on the ever-changing seasons of life.

9 months later…

Back to school is so nostalgic and exciting. Schedules. New backpacks. Brand new markers, Elmer's Glue, socks, sweet kicks (you know the Sketchers that...
2016 Guide to Summer Camps in SE Minnesota | Rochester MN Moms Blog

2016 Guide to Summer Camps in SE Minnesota

Can you believe it's already time to think about summer? We have partnered with the top camps in and around Rochester, MN to bring you...