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One Teacher’s Ride on the COVID Coaster

Never in my craziest teacher nightmares could I have come up with the emotional COVID roller coaster I’ve experienced the past few months.

I’m So Glad That We’re All Back Together Again

Today my kiddos wrote about their favorite part of the first day of school: “I’m so glad that we’re all back together again.”

Teacher in Mourning

Let me give it to you straight, just like I do my students: I’m a teacher in mourning. I’ve experienced so much grief in the last few weeks and absolutely no closure.

How To Keep Your Sanity and Handle School Behavior Problems

Oh, how I love the feeling I get as I approach school; when my heart races as my eyes dart around looking for which...

A Love Letter to My Child’s Teacher

To The Person Who Dedicates Their Life To Helping My Child, First of all, thank you. I know we don't come face to face that...