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Celebrating Our Educators and Child Care Providers

Teacher and Child Care Provider Appreciation week is May 4th-8th. Here are some ideas and local resources to help make the hardworking educators and care providers in your child’s life feel extra special.

We Appreciate YOU! A Thank You to Teachers and Childcare Providers

I respected you before but now I really applaud you and appreciate all that you do. We couldn’t get through this without you!

Dear Teachers, From a Homeschool Mom

Dear Teachers, you are heroes. You have always been heroes, but especially now...you are super heroes. You are what make our schools great.

How To Keep Your Sanity and Handle School Behavior Problems

Oh, how I love the feeling I get as I approach school; when my heart races as my eyes dart around looking for which...
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Back to School Tips From a School Counselor

Here are some “back to school” tips that I (as both a school counselor AND mom) want to share with families and communities: