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Surviving the Trauma of Childhood Cancer: Our Family’s Story

Our family now sees September in a whole new light: it’s time to pound the ground and advocate for Childhood Cancer Awareness. Here's a bit of our story.
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Foster Care: Are You That Someone?

Foster parents open their homes, families, and hearts to hurting children. They love, advocate for, and care for kids as long as they need a safe place to stay.

Abby’s Story, Part 1: Diagnosis and Treatment

My doctor was pretty sure at this point that I had endometriosis, and scheduled a laparoscopy to get a better look of what was going on.

I Am a Cancer Mom, But Please, Don’t Call Me Strong

 This journey as a cancer mom will never be over. I will never finish the lap and walk away. It will never be completely in the past.
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Give It Six Months: A Story of Post-Adoption Depression

Post-Adoption blues or depression is just as real as postpartum depression.  Do not hesitate to seek a professional counselor or therapist.