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One Teacher’s Ride on the COVID Coaster

Never in my craziest teacher nightmares could I have come up with the emotional COVID roller coaster I’ve experienced the past few months.

1980s Meals Rated by My Children

My busy working mother cooked and prepared most meals from scratch, but when she needed to feed us in a pinch it often consisted of opening some cans or putting together a ready meal.

My Life’s Purpose (It’s Beyond Motherhood)

The truth is, purpose is not found in a career or even a title. While many of us do have fulfilling, even honorable careers, purpose is found beyond that.

Dear Daycare Parents, Your Kids Do Miss You!

Having been a daycare provider for over a year now, I have a different perspective. I'd like to write an open letter to all parents with kids in daycare

For the First Time Ever- I’m JUST a Mom…

If I'm not a teacher anymore, what am I? Am I JUST a mom? It embarrasses me to realize I had these underlying thoughts about stay at home moms.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Maternity Pants

If they could talk, these traveling maternity pants could tell a lot of stories.  They've seen us though a whole spectrum of life moments. 

If Today is Hard

So if today is hard for you: keep going. You’re doing it. You’re showing up, you’re putting in the work, you’re doing what needs to be done.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: My Life as a...

But then I stopped, reflected on the fact that today just wasn't a good day at work, and realized that for me, being a working mom makes me a better mom.

Saying Goodbye Again: From Working to SAHM to Preschool

It broke my heart that I was leaving her in tears. Although I was glad to be supporting our family financially, I wanted to be home.

My Mom Squad-A Journey of Beautiful Friendship

Honestly, I'm not sure how I would have survived those first few months without my mom squad. Sometimes, you need another mom to "tell you like it is".