5 Things I Do to Stay Cozy in the Winter

cozy blanketsco⋅zy
giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation.
Ahhh…yes…nothing to bring us back to reality like Winter in Minnesota. There is nothing I crave more than to be cozy. The definition above describes it almost perfectly but I think it is also a feeling that embodies you and cannot totally be described in words. We crave coziness because there is a feeling of peace, contentment, and tranquility. I definitely have a lot of ways that I meet this need for coziness, but here are my top 5:
5. Dress in Layers. I love my Cuddl Duds base layers. They are my favorite because they are thin and you can wear them to dress up or down. They are very versatile, chic, and a  fairly inexpensive way to stay cozy in any weather. They pair well with just about anything. They also add warmth and are super soft. I also love my warm fluffy socks. You can find them about anywhere. Fluffy socks are a definite staple in our house. Keeping feet warm goes a long way to helping your whole body stay warm and cozy.
4. Cook.  Not only will the oven warm the house but the time spent eating with your family will bring comfort and warm hearts. We love soup at our house. It is comforting and warm. We are enjoying trying different recipes for Pho right now. Our kids love how you can add different toppings, and it has become a family favorite. There are quick recipes that can help you get it accomplished so you can feed your family faster. Bake a pie or cobbler. Everyone likes dessert, and something nice and warm can be just the thing to relax and enjoy.
3. Blankets (lots of blankets). Having soft, warm blankets to cuddle in while sitting and watching movies can be delightful. It is coziness and family time wrapped up into one. I have warm blankets in all of the parts of the house where we relax. This way if we need warmth, we just wrap ourselves in one. We may have an overabundance of blanket,s but I can guarantee you nobody is cold!
2. Warm Beverages. We own a coffee roastery here in town and we often have coffee at least twice a day. We love the warmth and comfort a cup of coffee brings. We also enjoy tea and hot cocoa. We have tried some interesting teas recently and that’s been fun. When you are drinking a warm cup of something, it helps you stay centered on the here and now. You are able to use your senses to focus on the present. Think about it…you are holding a cup of tea and you feel the warmth, smell the beautiful fragrance, and can taste the flavors. The act of drinking a warm beverage is comforting and relaxing and so much fun to enjoy with a friend.
1. Heated Mattress Pad. OMGosh…my husband got me this for Christmas. I didn’t even know they existed! At first I was thinking I may get too hot and won’t like it but…this is my #1 for staying cozy. I love it and it produces a nice balanced heat. You can adjust it and they are nothing like the old-timey electric blankets. I will never go without one…well…unless I’m living in Florida, or maybe Southern California. My daughter now crawls into bed with me too. Haha. We really have to get one for everyone. They are that amazing!
So, now that you know my list of favorite things to stay cozy, what are some of your favorite things? I would love to hear them!
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April Justice
April is new to the Rochester area, originally from Wyoming (the state). She enjoys a good cup of coffee (fresh roasted from her coffee roastery, Liturgy Coffee), cooking new things, and reading an interesting book. She is newly diagnosed with an autoimmune disease but refuses to be defined by it and draws her inspiration from her daughter (age 10), who has a genetic disorder diagnosed three years ago. She also has a son (age 12) who is a genius at the piano. One of her favorite quotes, as you will see on her blog, is "God is good. He is with us. He is faithful". She is a pastor's wife and loves her church family at Homestead Church. She loves giraffes, sparkly things, and high heels.


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